You say ‘fortune teller’ like it’s a bad thing.

hey so uh let me explain a thing. Tarot readers don’t have to identify themselves as fortune tellers. Tarot readers don’t have to believe that tarot can be used to predict or ‘tell fortunes’. Guess what? It’s all semantics anyway. That’s not what I tried to convey with this picture.

What’s really shitty is using YOUR idea of what it means for this practice as an excuse to tell others how they shouldn’t practice. Or what’s less legitimate (as long as we’re all still being ethical, here.) tarot readers calling each other out because they don’t think ‘fortune telling’ is as legit as what they do? That is so petty.

Live and let practice tarot by thine own hand and brains, lest ye be a tarot reader who thinks we should all fit into the same boxes.

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What is a good way to learn to read Tarot? I have this lovely deck but am stuck because I'm not entirely sure how to go about learning

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Shuffle your deck really really well.
Flip a card. Say what you see. Don’t think just say what you see. Don’t worry about reversals right now just say what you see in the card.
Pretend it is a movie scene. Draw another card, say what you see. Go through your whole deck.
Don’t be scared of being wrong. You cannot be wrong. There are no preordained rules that you must follow.

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Spell Hide Your Secrets



*Created In Response to  This Post 

Timing: Waning Moon

Materials: A Physical Casting Circle or Small Hoop (ex: an embroidery hoop), Physical Representations of The 4(/5) Elements, Storm Water, Paper, Writing Utensils, Secrets.


  1. Cleanse Your Space and set up as desired.
  2. Cast/Set out your Circle. If using the hoop, set it in front of you on your work space.
  3. Set Out The Physical Tokens For Each Element, calling to each element to invoke it into the space. 
  4. Anoint The Circle and Tokens with the Storm Water, calling upon the energy from the storm to add its power to the spell. 
  5. Write down your secrets.
  6. Anoint the Paper with the Storm water, to link it to the tokens and spell. Fold up the paper
  7. Hide the Paper and the tokens together in someplace secret and secure. 
  8. Finish Up As Desired.

Thank you for this spell! I’ve not considered using a small hoop before as the boundary to a circle that doesn’t include me, though I have cast spells in to an external circle before.

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(via The ‘Hello From Heaven’ Tarot Spread - A Spread for Halloween/Samhain)

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(via Le curieux by Denis Dumoulin / 500px)

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The Hedgewitch Cooks - Elder Tea Syrup

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Reblog if you are a Witch

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Floating Acorn Cap Candle

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May you have enough money to pay your bills this month with a little extra left over for a bit of fun.

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To me a witch’s clothing is this: What the witch likes and does wear ranging from a tee and sweats to lolita goth and everywhere else in between.

That being said, I specifically ID clothing I’ve enchanted and ensorcelled to be spell clothing or enchanted clothing.

Personally, all this witch fashion leaves out an area of witchy fashion that should be talked about more: Enchanted clothing. Seriously, that’s some good shit and easy as fuck to do in my opinion and is witchcraft. 

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