Worry Stone Enchantment


p u r p o s e - to enchant a specific object with grounding and relaxing energy to provide relief for worrying/negative thoughts/anxiety.

s u p p l i e s

  • a smooth and small stone
  • your personal favorite essential oil or perfume
  1. Choose your stone carefully. Smooth stones are best because you want one that you can easily rub with your finger, and you also want to be able to fit it in your pocket. Choose a stone that you feel drawn to and put at ease by.
  2. Sit down in a quiet area with your stone, no distractions.
  3. Feel the stone in your hands for a while. Feel its shape and weight, its curves and surfaces. Do this until the stone feels warm to the touch.
  4. Put a tiny drop of the essential oil on your finger, then smear it on the stone and let it dry or wipe it off before doing step 5.
  5. Close your eyes, and hold the warm stone in your hands and think of things that make you happy. What is your favorite memory? What do you look forward to in the near future? Shoo away any worries or anxieties, and don’t second guess your thoughts, just think them, and let them flow through your body and out your hands into the stone.
  6. Do this for as long as you feel necessary: 1 minute, 10 minutes, an hour; whenever you feel like the stone seems “full”.
  7. Whenever you feel anxious or begin to worry, hold the stone in your hand and run your fingers over it.

d i s c l a i m e r

  • This enchantment is not a replacement for actual medical treatment! If you feel like you are suffering from a disorder that is disrupting your daily life, please see someone if you are able to.
  • Some essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil (olive, vegetable, coconut, etc.) before use or they can irritate your skin. Read the bottle your oil came in for proper dilution instructions. If it makes your stone oily, it’s okay to wipe the oil off afterwards.
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it takes ten seconds to tag something and forty five minutes to hours to calm down from a panic attack. think about that for a second 

and totally feel comfortable enough to ask me to tag something that bothers you bc there are so many things that trigger people that i wouldn’t even think about and i’m sorry if i do that but let me know!

Please tell me if you need something tagged. Please please please. I will without any hesitation.

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I'd like a reading on what's to come? I recently moved and I know no one here. My friends are discouraged on hanging out with me now that I'm half an hour away. I'd just like to know what's ahead from here.

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The knight of cups represents following your heart or intuition, also things changing.  Follow your dreams/goal but stay honest and true to yourself/your heart and everything will be good.  This card has a lot to do with the Sea and artistic things also.  Good luck!

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Unfortunately I won’t be able to do any readings today, my mother has decided that we’re going on a road trip but I will post them tomorrow morning.

I’m still accepting requests for reading so just send me an ask and it’ll be up tomorrow! :]

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Hi are you still offering readings

ASKED BY azuniga80.

Yes, I will be posting the readings in a few hours. :]

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Wreath Making:  Since the holidays are wrapping up, I needed something earthy to put on my front door.  I bought a plain wreath from the craft store and then went around my neighborhood searching for twigs.  The feather was found on my way back.  No doubt, a gift.  To add a little color I pulled some dried flowers that I already had around the house.  And to keep the winter spirit, I added two pine cones.

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I’ll be doing a one card reading with this deck for anyone who wants one, just send me a question!  I will post it tomorrow morning/afternoon.

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meet the blogger


  • name: Taylor
  • eye color: Light brown
  • hair style/color: brown/red
  • height: 5’7”
  • clothing style: Kinda goth but mostly casual stuff.
  • your fears: Tough decisions, heights, stalkers.
  • your guilty pleasure: red velvet cake and anime.
  • ambitions for the future: I’d love to be a nutritionist, within the next 1-2 years I will be moving to Seattle to study. I want to travel a lot too!
  • your first thoughts waking up: Walking the dogs.
  • what you think about most: Things I need to get done today and my future.
  • what you think about before bed: writing ideas.
  • you think your best quality is: I am a nice person but I stand up for myself and people I care about, I don’t take bullshit from people.


  • single or group dates: single.
  • to be loved or respected: both.
  • beauty or brains: brains.
  • dogs or cats: dogs.
  • lie: rarely but yes.
  • believe in yourself: defiantly.
  • want to go out: depends on where?


  • been on stage: ballet when I was little.
  • changed who you were to fit in: I used too, not anymore.


  • favourite colour: red, dark red.
  • favourite animal: dragons!
  • favourite movie: soooo many.
  • favourite game: skyrim ATM.


  • day your next birthday will be: September 28th
  • how old will you be: 19
  • does age matter: nope.
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Someone’s had his Weetabix this morning!

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Just about any herb you can grow will dry well in the oven. Clip herbs for drying before they flower and early in the morning right after the dew is off. The exception is dill, which should be harvested after the seeds have developed. Oven drying is best begun early in the day.

Harvest the herbs when mature but before they’ve begun to flower, as the flowering takes strength from the leaves. The most potent leaves are found at the ends of the stems, and they decrease in strength as you get closer to the stem.

Throw away any discolored or dead leaves. Remove the leaves from the stems and place in a single layer on each tray and place each tray on an oven rack. Be sure there’s room for the air to circulate around each leaf. Place the racks in the oven.

Prop the oven door open so that the air can circulate, but keep an eye on the thermometer so that the temperature remains between 140°F and 160°F. (You can speed up the process a bit if you have a small electric fan to set up so that the stream of air blows into the oven.)

Once you’ve got everything nicely settled, set the timer for 30 minutes.

When the timer buzzes, rotate the racks. Move each rack down one space and put the bottom rack on the top. Reset the timer. Each time you check you repeat this process so that every rack will have equal time. This will correct for any temperature differences inside the oven. You can also take this opportunity to turn the food over so it dries more evenly.

Repeat step 4 until the herbs are completely dried, about 2 to 4 hours (times vary depending on the herb).

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